Google introduced Android Wear 2.0

Google has presented its new version of operating system Android Wear 2.0, intended for use in "smart" hours. According to the developers, the new version they made dials are more informative, have found ways to improve the effectiveness of sports, has offered new opportunities to work with applications and has developed more options to stay connected. Moreover, the new operating system for communication with users, will be the voice assistant — Google now.

In the new OS, the user can configure the dial of its smart watch Android Wear based on personal preferences, displayed on the main screen relevant data and add the most necessary functions of your favorite applications.

The Fit App, preinstalled on most Android Wear watch, now allows you to track pace, distance, calories burned and heart rate during walking, running or Cycling. In addition to push-UPS, sit-UPS and squats, you can also measure the number of repetitions of lifting barbells or dumbbells. During sports, if necessary, can be connected, taking calls and messages, play music from Google Play to continue using your favourite apps right on the watch's screen.

When a message is received, it is possible to increase the field of notification and one-touch to choose a method of response: to dictate, to print, to write it by hand or draw Emoji. And the function "Quick Reply" quickly and competently offer a variety of response options based on the incoming message.

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