Samsung said the reason for the incidents with the Galaxy Note7

Today at the headquarters of Samsung Electronics in Seoul held a press-conference devoted to the results of the investigation of the situation with the Galaxy Note7.

Earlier, Samsung stopped production of the device stopped sales and recalled the smartphones in those countries where they are officially sold. While in Russia sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 not started.

Dangin Koch (DJ Koh), the head of the mobile division of Samsung Electronics, spoke in detail about the results of the investigation and appealed to all the users of Galaxy Note7, mobile operators and business partners with sincere apologies and gratitude for your patience and support.

It is Noted that Samsung engineers together with experts from independent organizations investigated more than 200 000 devices and 30,000 batteries to determine the cause of incidents. A thorough check has been hardware and software part of Galaxy Note7, build processes, quality control and delivery to points of sale.

The investigation revealed that the cause of the incidents were the shortcomings of the design of the batteries and the technological process of Assembly of the device.

The Headquarters of Samsung Electronics takes responsibility for not have been able to identify and resolve possible problems before Galaxy Note7 went on sale.

As a result, Samsung has implemented a comprehensive set of procedures to control and improve the quality of the devices. This includes multi-level security Protocol, as well as a check of batteries, consisting of 8 items.