[Video] how Much nostalgia in the Super Mario Run?

This week the Nintendo presented the public game about the cheerful plumber Mario. However, so far only for iOS devices. On Android promised in 2017. But the editors Droider not confused and still decided to do a quick overview.

Fall into the abyss of nostalgia ventured Valery Istishab to elaborate on the platformer that turned into a runner for one hand.

Among the advantages of Super Mario Run is worth noting Russian language, bright and high-quality animation, non-Intrusive story, and "the same" soundtrack.

After a few vigorous levels, there main disadvantage is a donation in the amount of 750 rubles. After payment are available at all levels and, it would seem, run and save the Princess. But there it was. The game built a kind of "Farm", where you have to build a castle. Of course. for coins. In addition, the game does not work without Internet connection.