Google told me what to expect from Firefox Beta 56

Immediately after vypuska stable Chrome 55 has started testing a 56 version, which has many important innovations.

Special attention in the future browser was paid to virtual reality and the control of devices via Bluetooth.

Sum up all izvestno at the moment, Chrome Beta 56

  • Support for the WebVR API (will help developers to create VR applications with the assistance of special controllers) ;
  • GamePad API support (allows you to use parameters from the controller to provide a natural interaction within virtual);
  • The program Origin Trials (allows developers to temporarily activate the VR functions for owners of suitable equipment, visiting sites now);
  • Support Bluetooth Web API (web application, you can manage gadgets for Bluetooth Low Energy. For example, the robot is BB-8. Only for sites secured with HTTPS);
  • Support Image Capture API (which allows you to capture the image in full resolution, and extends the use of the device camera);
  • Pop-up Windows is enabled by scrolling on the touch screen will be blocked by browser;
  • Spell check in text fields is enabled automatically if Android-smartphone has a system Slovan and at least 512 MB of RAM;
  • Sites will be able to display images in notifications, if they use Notifications API;
  • The HTTP sites are marked with a special icon in the address bar instead of a warning about insecurity.

Download Chrome Beta for Android

Download the APK file of Chrome Beta for Android 56

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