Facebook has started to combat false information

The Social network started testing new ways of dealing with fake news. For starters, the company will focus on reports that are distributed for financial gain.

Because Facebook is not the media, to the question of editing will be approached with caution. For professional of violations will be connected independent factchecking organization.

Users will also be able to participate in censorship. For example, to flag posts that seem suspicious. Then in the test to join the professionals. If the inaccuracy of the material is proven, then there will be a special icon and links explaining why it's fake. These positions will be located at the bottom of the news feed and not be able to use the advertising tools in social networks.

"We believe that people must be given the opportunity to speak, and that we cannot judge what is true and what is not, so we carefully approached the problem," said Adam Mosseri, Vice President of Facebook.

Recall that the idea of fact-checking came from Mark Zuckerberg after the presidential elections in the United States. In the course of which the scientists and media critics have stated about the uncontrolled spread of false information within the social networks.

"This is just one of many steps we predprinimaet to improve the quality of our services", – wrote the founder of Facebook.

The Timing of the widespread launch of the initiative is not named.