[Video] What can razor price of the smartphone?

In the office Droider always send a variety of items, even if nobody asked. However, after weekly excavations found interesting devices. Just for them and organized a new column "Delivered".

This time were found men's shaver Braun Series 9. To test the unit volunteered Valery Istishab.

According to tradition, starts the video from the unboxing. In the box he found the razor, case, dock cleaning, the container with liquid, charger and a mini brush.

If we talk about the class of the device, then this is definitely the flagship of the Braun. At least, because it is a "smart" machine with gold trimmer, recognizing the density of the bristles and distribute the force of the blades. By the way, model Series 9, you can wash and use it with shaving foam.

The Bonus is a 20% discount on shaving equipment of the German manufacturer. In sacase you must enter the promo code Droider.