Droider Cast #46 — All together on the spot

The trio of leading Droider Cast reunited and ready to tell about the most interesting since the last release.

According to tradition, once a week, Boris Vedeno, Valery Istishab and Ilya Ryabov going to burn some witches, and to expose a couple of plots, to discuss the latest Internet news, technology, movies and video games in an informal setting.

In this issue:

00:00:00 the Greeting;

00:06:30 The Game Awards and PSX — Overwatch, The Last of Us 2, and just a lot of talk about games.

00:41:43 Bury the Pebble after the deal with Fitbit;

00:52:38 Discussing the trailer for "Spider-Man";

01:00:04 Amazon Go — the concept of shopping without the queues and cashiers;

01:08:35 the Share of Android Nougat does not exceed 0.4%;

01:11:40 Suggest movies and games;

01:17:27 Goodbye

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