The rating of the most unreliable components of the PC

Publishing Hardware France for several years, publishes statistics relating to components of desktop computers. In a detailed report, the experts paid attention not only brands, but individual models of graphics cards or hard drives.

The data Source specifies a service center of one of the largest online shops in France. Or that the firm has got a rating, if it was purchased not less than 500 products. In the sample participated components purchased from 1 October 2015 to 1 April 2016, but returned under warranty until September 30, 2016.


  • The leader in quality ASRock (1,45% of the failures);
  • The outsider in quality MSI (2.36% failures).


  • The leader of the Sapphire (1,15%);
  • Inno3D outsider (2,19%).


  • The leader of Kingston (0,14%);
  • Outsider Sogah (0,9%).

Hard drive:

  • Leader Seagate (0,72%);
  • Outsider HGST (1,13%).

Power supply:

  • The leader of the FSP Group (0,89%);
  • Outsider Cooler Master (3,47%).

Solid state drive

  • Leader Samsung (0,2%);
  • Outsider Corsair (1,67%).

Experts Hardware France noted that, on average, every six months popular brands improve the quality of products for PCs and reduce the percentage of defects.