[Video] Xiaomi Mi Mix – ceramic and "frameless" smartphone

Not only Samsung, Apple and other IT-skilled ones can set the mood in the smartphone market. Among the numerous releases of Xiaomi is also sometimes skips innovative products. It happened with Mi Mix, which was announced in October.

Boris Vedenskiy continues mini-marathon of hits related to Chinese companies like smart bracelet Mi Band 2, telling the whole truth about the almost edge-to-edge phone.

It's No secret that frame on the screen of the gadget is one of the main fetishes of the geeks. The thinner black bars on the edges, the more enthusiastic model. In this regard, Xiaomi did their best to please customers. According to the official statement, display the Mi Mix is for 91.3% of the surface.

As for other interesting limited edition of the smartphone, it is worth mentioning ceramic case and an extra case in the box, headphone Jack, battery 4 400 mAh capacity and fast charging, a hidden speaker and a nice envelope, secret space to hide the content.

If we turn to the disadvantages, the surface quickly "zalamyvayutsya", the smartphone feels fragile, the front camera is located below dactyloscopy too small, and the sound is muffled.

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