[Video] Mi Band from Xiaomi 2 makes life better

The Team Droider immediately agreed to perform a good deed and give 5 accessories Xiaomi in Moscow. The initiative launched by Canon. To participate, you have to place in any social network photo with a personal feat, add the hashtag #selfieless and pass the baton on to 3 friends.

As for the bracelets, the consumer market is full of gadgets that know how to do the same, and the difference is only in design and price. But the tracker Mi Band stands apart because it combines most of the advantages of the wearable device.

In the video we will talk about the second generation of the popular model. Boris Vedenskiy begins, as expected, with speed unboxing. Then moves on to the minimalist design of the fitness tracker from Xiaomi. Perhaps the main difference from the debut bracelet is a contrast OLED display. Here it is necessary to tell about protection from water and scratches.

For the rest, there is a standard set of tracking sleep, calories and number of steps. But also here has not done without "chips" in the form of monitoring heart rate during exercise.

Separately mentioned the official companion app, which visualizes the result of communication with the device. Besides, you can configure what information will show on the screen. However, there are third-party tools with interesting features. For example, an alarm clock, the phases of sleep.

In conclusion, we should say that the Mi Band 2 is comfortable to wear. And live device more than 20 days.