[Video] a Month of life with PlayStation VR from Sony

The Team Droider continues to expand the thematic horizons. Was extreme cooking , travel in past and even obshenie with the audience. Now it was the turn of virtual reality.

Boris Vedenskiy spent 4 weeks studying the VR helmet and is now trying to understand the veracity of the numerous reviews about the new product from Sony.

The Video begins with the traditional inspection equipment, where the Japanese Corporation has generously put the wires. Additionally, the DVD comes with demo versions of games. Separately, the frontman Droider said "shooting" battle robots "races" and the dreaded "roller coaster", in which most fully reveals the advantages of virtuality.

As an experiment, comparison graphics PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 Pro. And we can say that the new console does the job better.

It is Worth mentioning that Sony has done a great job, because this unusual gadget sits on your head comfortably. Besides, a VR helmet that can be worn over the glasses with diopters.

Noticed the cons: questionable portability by the standards of 2016; the banal physical fatigue from using the device; a schedule that leaves much to be desired; pretty slow gameplay; no one must have of the release; the need to buy more VR-helmet accessories, like the camera or controller.

Despite the pros and cons, which are explained in the video, at the moment, the PlayStation VR is the most balanced system. Therefore, we believe that a helmet is a worthy purchase for a fan of technology. Others suggest to wait for the announcements of some impressive VR projects.