[Video] is There any point in OLED, HDR, and 4K?

Valery Istishab trying to understand whether there is a significant difference between the modern and generation of TVs 5 years ago. As an experimental model OLED55C6V elected by LG.

To start a new TV should be unpacked. And the whole process is, of course, displayed in the video.

It is Worth saying that there are differences already at the stage of design and visual perception. A considerable role here is played by the thickness, curves and the perfect black color of the screen from LG.

Another remarkable aspect is not that big amount of content in 4K resolution. However, TV is bought with a margin of several years, so the expansion of the range is inevitable. Once it was with 3D technology.

As a plus to mention the sound from Harman, which now belongs to Samsung. And as a minus – the operating system webOS. Still have the OS from Google for more features.