The best games and applications for the year 2016 by Apple

Not long ago, the 2016 podvela Google. Now it is the turn of Apple to speak. The company announced the list of the most popular content in the App Store and iTunes.

In the annual rankings of games, apps, music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and books, sorted by region, interest payment, tuition-free, kassaveti and media.

A Short list of global winners as follows:

- the best app and game for iPhone – Prisma and Clash Royale

- the best app and game for iPad - Sketchbook Motion and Severed

- the best app and game for Apple TV – Twitter and Riptide GP: Renegade

- the best app and game for Apple Watch – MySwimPro and Field Day

- the best app and game for Mac Bear and Life is Strange.

As for the Russian segment, best called application:

  1. Prisma;
  2. MSQRD;
  3. Periodicals. Ordering of photos, photo books and greeting cards;
  4. Source — stocks, bonds, dollar, oil;
  5. Listen audio books;
  6. Patternator;
  7. Citymapper;
  8. Good morning;
  9. Memrise;
  10. Day One Journal.

In the game the places were distributed as follows:

  1. Clash Royale;
  2. Reigns;
  3. Stampede Rodeo;
  4. Steppy Pants;
  5. Cut the Rope: Magic;
  6. Mushroom Wars 2;
  7. the
  8. voi;
  9. the Lost Socks;
  10. Osteya: Adventures;
  11. INKS.

The Leader among free apps was messenger WhatsApp among the paid statistics for "VKontakte", and among cash game Clash of Kings.