Folding smartphone Samsung was in the picture

Sluhy the fact that the South Korean company is preparing a bendable or foldable smartphone, excited the audience all of 2016. Fall pojavilis 3D renders of the device that is called Galaxy press X.

Now published patent images and the first alleged picture of the functioning of the apparatus of Project Valley.

According to insiders, the picture shows a prototype Galaxy X running music player.

In addition, was published a new batch of images accompanying the patent application. Documents dated may, however, become available to the public only now.

Sketches show a bendable device, resembling a hybrid of "clamshell" and a typical smartphone, there are 3 component parts, the bending mechanism (possibly hinged) and a removable lens. Home button will be located depending on how complicated the device, that is, front or back.

It is Worth saying that Samsung still has not tried to deny the rumors that such a phone may be announced in 2017.