Droider Show #269 Mashina Apple i Pro 6 Plus ot Meizu

In a new series Droider Show longtime leading talk about the results of the The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience, Plana Apple on unmanned vehicles, announcement musical phablet Meizu about "utechki " on a QWERTY BlackBerry smartphone on Android.

Valery Istishab looks to the future, where there is already radioactive batteries, integranova gun DroneGun, "cloud" the Amazon truck and the battery HandEnergy, which is charged by hand movements.

Welcome to the course "Coding intensive 2017", which are designed to teach guests a new and popularize programming in Russia. Beginning December 12. More details on the website.

And Boris Vedenskiy talks about participation in the program "the Best in the kitchen" about cooking bloggers, where is a member of the jury. In addition to cooking interesting dishes, there are all sorts of kitchen gadgets from "Eldorado".

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