The updates for Android apps will weigh up to 65% less

Google has announced the start of works in its online app store Google Play a new approach in the dissemination of application updates, which uses file-by-file patches and you can reduce the size of updates in an average of 65% in comparison with the full application, and in some cases allows to achieve savings of over 90%.

Compared with the previous "pumping" system update Google Play that uses the bsdiff algorithm (calculating the difference between the files at the binary level) and saves up to 47% of network traffic, the new algorithm will reduce the amount of data downloaded from the application store on 6 petabytes every day.

However, the application of this approach to updating apps in Google Play entails the increase of time for its application – reducing the size of the update two times leads to increase approximately two times the duration of the update process of the application according to the new algorithm. Therefore, upgrading applications on a new efficient algorithm will take place for automatically updating applications whose upgrade process usually takes place at night, which guarantees the user that he will not wait too long, when his application will get the new version.

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