[Video] a Month of living with the Pixel from Google

About the new "Google phone" is easy to come up with a variety of epithets – from the stylish to the bizarre. However, after continuous use you can determine exactly what happened at HTC and Google in 2016.

For a test drive took Boris Vedeno, who has lived together with the Pixel for a month.

In the new video touches on such important subjects as speed, camera quality, original design, display, battery and features. And frontman Droider chats with the virtual Assistant in English, discusses the beauty of Android 7.1 Nougat with circular icons and enjoys unlimited storage in the Photos.

Among the disadvantages, you can specify one speaker, the lack of water and the price tag.

Friends, if this video reaches 20 000 likes on YouTube, we will write to channel comparison of the capabilities of Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus Apple.