Chrome 55 reduce the appetite by 30%

As it was Savino in October, Google introduced a stable version of the proprietary browser at number 55. The browser is available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

The developers claim that the memory consumption is significantly reduced. On average 35% relative to the Chrome 53.

Note that the online tool visualization code in JavaScript shows savings of 30%. Change tracking was performed with an interval of 30 seconds. For testing we used a MacBook Pro from 2014.

To Achieve such a result allowed a transition to an improved version 5.6 engine V8 JavaScript Engine with many additional optimizations.

In addition, Chrome 55 gives preference to websites based on HTML5. If the website uses Flash, then in the first visit you will be sent a message asking you to enable the Flash Player in the browser. With the exception for the coming year steel resources YouTube, Yahoo, Facebook, Yandex, VK, Twitch, Amazon and a few others.