[Video] How it all started with the iPhone 2G

The Team Droider back into the past to recall how much has changed the IT industry. But at the same time to return to the audience promised duty for the activity on YouTube.

In the video, the Valery Istishab indulges in nostalgia, decompresses "the" Apple and compares the model with the debut of the latest iPhone 7 Plus.

Verify that there is a unboxing not a new model, and one that in 2007 frontman Droider got from America. So now the screen is broken, headphones and cloth is lost. First smartphone Steve jobs still working smartly and even allows you to play GTA. Because the eco-system of Apple in Russia were not developed on the iPhone 2G original application, like the pirate store.

Friends, if this video will score 15 000 likes on the channel, under the heading "Retro gadgets" will be a review of the Nexus One from Google. And if you have preserved some rare or legendary devices in working condition, you can provide vehicles for the filming. To write on a special box .