Used smartphones: How to buy and not to screw it up

More recently, in Russia ended with Black Friday and cyber Monday, where the nimble bought and friends of the new technology. The rest of the consumers have to look for other, more economical ways of acquiring smartphones. A look toward the dangerous market of used electronics.

For just such adventurers, the editors Droider prepared tips that will help you purchase a used phone. Some points may seem obvious, but as a rule, at the crucial moment of the transaction it is about them and not remember.

Only Buy from trusted sellers

Avoid an obscure online site, very attractive price tags, ads with high-quality images, broken Russian language, registration of the "urgent" and demands payment. iPhone 6 in excellent condition can cost 13,000 rubles.

Alarm bells

In addition to suspicious moments on the stage of reading the ads, it is worth considering the indirect signs:

  1. During the meeting, the dealer is nervous, in a hurry and wants to make a deal. It is better to say goodbye, not figuring out how exactly you are trying to deceive;
  2. A Person "confused in indications". First it was claimed that the smartphone was in personal use and then suddenly it turned out that someone else;
  3. The picture was of a different phone. The model is the same, but scratched in a particular place, for example. Therefore, the seller of stock lots of used Android smartphones. This is a clear signal about the shady past of technology;
  4. To Examine the goods offered in a dark room, the alley or on the go;
  5. The Previous owner was a lover of experiments. I mean, got the smartphone with open rooted or unofficial firmware. This is not fatal, but deprives of a warranty claim.

You are lucky

If you are observing these simple rules, then the transaction can at least discuss:

  1. He points to the "shoals". Even those which are not mentioned in the ad. At least the man is adequate and ready for cooperation;
  2. Announcement was made a lot of quality images that most accurately reflect the condition of the goods;
  3. The Seller agrees to send the gadget cash on delivery without prepayments;
  4. Merchant is ready to return the money after the first days of the operation of the smartphone;
  5. The Declared option of bargaining.

Pay attention to the model

Ideally should be a complete set: box, mobile, warranty card, manual. Preferably the presence of a check, because then there will be less doubt that it is a Taiwanese copy. If the original accessory is the importance (extra battery, removable panels or VR-helmet, for example), it is also worth to study in detail. What item is sealed in plastic, does not guarantee the absence of factory defect or mechanical damage.

Check guarantee

When the desired device is still under warranty, the buyer can sleep peacefully. Even if it expire in a month, during this time, virtually any defect can be detected.

Then certification

Icons PCT (Rostest), XIE (Eurotest) or SSS (approval of the Ministry of communications) exist for a reason. Look for the treasured abbreviation need on the box, the device itself or even under the hood. If there are no icons, it is better to stay away from this smartphone away. In the best case, this "unknown little animals" will refuse to work in the worst – will cause damage or inflict injury.


He code the device ID. IMEI must be the same everywhere on the warranty card, receipt, box and typing in "*#06#" (star-pound-zero-six-pound).

Do Not hesitate to ask

There are no Stupid questions. Even if it seems so. A decent seller will try to explain everything and answer your questions.