Real Racing 3

Real cars, real tracks, real damage – and all this in graphics, high detail.

The scourge of the modern racing toys on mobile devices is the lack of realism. It may not be space shooters, but in racing it shall be. And he is in Real Racing 3! At least you drive the cars that exist in real life, on real racetracks, which are shown in Formule1 and other formulas.

In Addition to realistic graphics, it is possible to drive with friends, and off-line. That is, logged in with Facebook, the game records the tracks to your friends and from time to time and slips them to you as you progress through the game. Moreover, you are chasing not with some bots, and with the ghosts of other users. But it's not really ghosts, as implemented in other races. Here you can the ghosts knock. For example, you can push the other to the curb at the finish line, and he will not be offended on the other hand, this sometimes leads to glitches when you like a friend ahead of it, pitting it, and in the results table, he is still traveled, but such glitches are very rare.

It is Worth noting that the game is poorly optimized for Android, and slows down even on Samsung Galaxy S3. On more powerful machines brakes are not as noticeable, but still, on iPhone5 the game is running much smoother. Let's hope that it will be finished someday.

The Game is free, but a game store, and freedom unless it's not working. However, to his credit, unlike many other games, Real Racing 3 is quite playable, and without additional cash infusions.

Especially cool to play in Real Racing 3 resonance speaker, then you will not only enjoy the deep bass of your engine, but will feel a vibration, just like in the real car. Collision is also a realistic sound, I already shudder

Real Racing 3 in Play Market

And here's how it looks in action:

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Verified to work on the smartphone LG optimus 4x:

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