[Video] Boris Vedeno and Valery Istishab answer questions from the audience

Listeners Droider Cast almost every week listening to the answers to your questions from Boris Vedeno and Valeria Elisheva. However, front man Droider not forgotten about the YouTube audience and has prepared a special report.

A Few days the ZenFone smartphone 3 Max took the message and responded with the answering machine. Now it is time for "live" communication.

Help answer the main questions of the audience ("Which OS is better?" or "Where he has a love for caps?"). At the same time talk about the smartphone Asus who made this video possible.

If multiple, camera ZenFone 3 Max different from past generations by Qualcomm, a good shape in metal with glass top stuffing, but not so high price tag.

Since the format for Droider experimental, edition I would like to hear comments and suggestions.