So it tells about the character of the owner?

If you take a typical Android lover and someone who prefers Apple products, then you can easily play a game "find 10 differences". Researchers at the University of Lincoln and their colleagues from the University of Lancaster decided to share with us their observations about how the difference is usually the characters of these two categories of geeks.

They came to the conclusion that the iPhone lovers are less sincere than those who have chosen Android.

Researchers surveyed more than 530 people in 2015 and 2016, asking them various questions about their smartphones and to them.

It turned Out that the Apple audience is generally younger than the green robot followers. In addition, among them, more than an extroverted and they perceive the device largely not as a working tool and as a status thing. Most often it is women. The iPhone lovers, as a rule, more emotional.

The Researchers even learned the signs for a person, find out what kind of smartphone he uses daily. The accuracy of hits is more than 70%.

And the truth is, if iPhone people are even willing to change the name, the more restrained users of Android, you are able to.

The article ended.

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