Talk about the Huawei P10 for new photos and renderam

We is not the first time talking about the smartphone Huawei P10, which is still not officially released and only preparing. And this is not surprising because Huawei P9 for half a year, which is about half the cycle life of the flagship, and then to it on change has come something new.

The New leak on the appearance of the device give rise to fresh ideas and suggestions. If previously we saw only the front panel and the back cover, you can now separately consider the glass covering the front part. Apparently, the smartphone will not have full hardware home button, but instead will be the sensor with the same function. And this in turn means that the button will not keep the fingerprint scanner, because, perhaps, the model P10, it will ultrasonic.

In addition, at the disposal of the public got renderings that are similar to official. These renderings differ somewhat in appearance to the photographs that we see, because it is possible that it's either fake or a concept prototype, which the company may be close in the end, or Vice versa to move away. They make it clear that Huawei P10 will be released in two versions, as it likes to do today Samsung. One will be a classic flat, the second will be bent by the edges of the screen like the Galaxy S7 Edge.

As for performance, the fact is that the latest data is that the screen will appear with a diagonal of 5.5-inch resolution QHD, 960 Huawei Kirin processor and 4 gigabytes of RAM.

Estimated release date - April 2017.

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