The creators of Tor presented a prototype of a rugged smartphone

The Developers the "onion" Tor browser presented a prototype of a rugged smartphone. A device running the Android operating system, called Mission Improbable in the spirit of films about agent Ethan hunt.

The basis of the unit were taken 2 "Google phone" — Nexus and Nexus 5X 6P.

Both handsets equipped with Sopperhead OS and application OrWall, which sends network traffic through the Tor browser.

According to Mike Perry, developer of Mission Improbable, only Nexus smartphones lines and Pixel podhodil to work with their software because it's the only Android devices that allow you to set your own keys, while maintaining the ability to modify the mobile and secure file system. A prototype of the Tor shows the possibility of creating saidenova smartphone.

To See the Mission Improbable official website project. Note that the software platform of a smartphone designed for advanced users who know the basics of Linux.