Nougat and switch resolution for Galaxy S7 Edge

a Couple of weeks ago Samsung started seeding a beta version of the firmware for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Android Nougat. Now ready to update the firmware with some new zapilami reported by some testers. It is not clear when will be released the final firmware version. But now Samsung offers an interesting possibility to control the resolution of the smartphone.

Despite the fact that initially, Galaxy S7 has a resolution of QHD (1440x2560) in the new firmware the user has the option to switch to full HD (1280x1920) or HD (720x1280).

Despite the fact that the flagships of the current year, for most of the QHD resolution has become the standard, some users still do not agree, what is the number of pixels makes sense in the current diagonal. Are constant arguments about what the human eye can't even perceive so small and the pixels will not be noticeable difference between FullHD and QHD on today's diagonals. But because the introduction of screens with higher resolution only further strengthens the iron smartphones. Others say that the QHD looks really more clear and pretty.

Well, the new chips in the Samsung firmware is all made up.

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