Galaxy S8 will be taught to understand the power taps

Like Samsung or secretive, but to discuss Galaxy S8 will be, will not escape from it. Even if the companies manage to keep most of the information in some way under the castle, will discuss the rumors that someone is sure to launch the network. However, the news that the Galaxy S8 will be assembled with the screen, which is able to discern the amount of pressure seems quite plausible.

In this case we say that the news source wanted to remain anonymous.

Samsung Galaxy S8 wants to try to start working with the technology to in a year or two to implement it permanently, when it will be supported not only by the iron part of the gadgets, but also the system and applications.

Now it will look very similar to the 3D Touch from Apple.

Earlier in the Android camp similar to dabbled Huawei, which called the implementation of the 'Hard Press", but it is interesting that displays, which Huawei has used in his Mate's produced by Samsung.

The article ended.

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