Instagram added direct broadcast and smodlaka posts

The Developers of Instagram have released an app update which brought users of the service functions direct video and smodlaka messages.

Innovations while not available to all, but the company promises that they will be activated gradually over several weeks.

A Function to direct the live video works in a similar way to that previously benedril the social network Facebook. The broadcast will appear to users in the "Stories" (Stories) and not in the main feed.

Live under the clips will be displayed, new comments and likes, and above — the-counter spectators. At the beginning of the broadcast, subscribers will be able to receive notification. The video recording of the stream cannot be saved.

As for samotalis messages, then the mechanism they resemble the "Story". The only difference is that you can share them only with one or more friends, and not all subscribers at the same time.

After viewing the sent photo or video, the message is automatically deleted. Recall that the "Stories" all records remain available day, that is, subscribers can review them several times.

Earlier it was reported that Instagram can add the huskies to the review. Will there ever be such a possibility — remains a mystery.