Apple may shift production of the iPhone in the US

it would Seem, and then Donald trump? Meanwhile, the Nikkei Report reported that Apple ventilates the subject of the transfer of production of the iPhone in the United States. Maybe just because the newly-elected American President even before the victory promised that Apple will be legally obliged to release their products at home.

Add that Foxconn even as consider the idea while Pegatron completely refuses to even think about that. Moreover, such a measure will lead to the fact that the cost of Apple products will grow approximately two times.

Apple may, just in case decided to check the mood of the partners suddenly the Tram will really begin to fulfill its oral promise. And the rising prices of the already cheap device Apple may well lead to a drop in demand, or simply drop margin for each sold gadget for Apple.

However, it is not necessary that news be seen as strong intention Apple to move Assembly of its vehicles.

The article ended.

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