Google Pixel and Pixel XL made friends with TWRP-recovery and Superuser

lovers of the custom firmware and root rights on the smartphone with Android might already know that has released TWRP recovery for gadgets Pixel and Pixel XL. Because the work of these two smartphones has become much more flexible and with far fewer restrictions.

Rekaveri TWRP is used to install third-party firmware on the phones, now this opportunity has appeared for smartphones Google.

But installing TWRP-recovery on Pixel and Pixel XL requires a little more care than it used to with other devices. This is due to the fact that Google has introduced background updates for family and Nougat Pixel Android. Because the developers once again remind you to backup before any manipulations with your gadget.

In addition, Chainfire managed to make friends with the Superuser app with the above mentioned smartphones. In short, now on Pixel and Pixel XL has full root access and a custom recovery.

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