The announcement of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 - all future flagships

Production never stops. Because we see another new solution for mobile technology from Qualcomm. Recently, the company introduced the world chipset Snapdragon 835, which will meet most of the flagships 2017. Processors are manufactured in cooperation with Samsung on the production lines of Koreans, and 10-nm process technology.

The New chipset in the first place, ready to brag of the next evolution of the fast-charging technology Quick Charge 4.0. The speed of charging devices will increase by approximately 20%.

Qualcomm is not particularly spread about the exact specs of the Snapdragon 835, in only General terms, promising increased productivity, as well as General words about the reduction of the physical size of the part that allows you to produce a more compact device.

In addition, the transition from 14-nm process to 10 nm should increase the energy efficiency of the new chipset by about 40%. However, these figures only in theory on paper, practice will show you what happens actually when the real work devices.

Qualcomm today is the first who produces such chips.

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