Xiaomi is gaining testers Nougat Android + MIUI 8 for Mi5

If you are the owner of the device Xiaomi Mi5 right now, this Chinese company invites you to take part in beta testing new firmware for the gadget. Preparing an update based on the freshest Android Nougat 7.0 and proprietary shell MIUI 8. The deadline for entry into the community of beta-testers settled down to November 21. First Xiaomi wants to find testers from China.

Next week, reportedly will be in demand from fans of the beta versions from around the world.

To participate in the beta test, you'll need to register with Xiaomi website from a PC, and the company expects that you have at least a minimal idea of what firmware is and will be an active participant in the forums of the company. In addition, bad if you use the QQ app where you can share your opinions and leave feedback.

At the moment, if you will be given a fresh firmware based on Android Nougat, it will be in Alpha status, but because still there are various bugs.


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