Google Translate connect neural networks

Google Translate is one of the oldest and popular Google services. Now he understands 103 language daily helping a huge number users to translate a variety of texts in a variety of ways. However, until now none of the machine translation cannot be compared with high quality human translation, but Google is actively working in this direction, introducing Google Translate all the power of neural networks.

It happened just a couple of days ago, but this step is considered a breakthrough, which can surpass all the successes of Google in the field of machine translation over the last ten years.

However, while narost able to work with all languages, subservient only to the English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Turkish. In these languages communicates a third of the globe, it is for them, Google gets the most frequent requests for translation, more than 35%.

A New translation technologies will take into account the context, trying faithfully and accurately translate sentences, given also the theme of the text as a whole. In the end, we must get a quality translation of texts closer to the human. In addition, processing your requests, the system will learn and improve their skills.

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