Samsung may start selling the recovered Galaxy Note 7

Samsung notably screwed up tabletm Galaxy Note 7. That is what it is, this story has cost not cheap. Because on the one hand, it is understandable that leadership podlatat hole in the budget, on the other hand puzzling method. Some Western media reported that Samsung is planning next year to sell restoration phablet Galaxy Note 7.

Yes, the company had to recall several million devices. And now in "The Investor" rumor has it that the sale of these units can start in India and Vietnam. However, there is a caveat that the company's management has not yet made a final decision about it.

It added that Samsung is still trying to understand the causes of fires, Galaxy Note 7, tormented by their engineers and conducting safety tests on their own, although usually in such cases, the company giving the job to outsource to outside firms.

With the recall that recently the Korean public, massively expensive, and apologized to fans Karki on the pages of editions of the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Washington Post. Therefore, will the company once again to experiment with the Galaxy Note 7, is still open.

The article ended.

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