Huawei said, why didn't you help with the release of the Google Pixel

as usual: despite the cries that the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL expensive, despite the remarks that have smartphones scary appearance, these gadgets are bought well. Moreover, Google does not even have time to release the device and to deliver them on time, the lack of pixels in the warehouses there is a fact.

In light of this news even more interesting is that Huawei could participate in the production of Pixel and Pixel XL along with Google, as was the case with the Nexus s last year.

But Huawei representatives told that she had deliberately refused to cooperate with Google on the Pixel format, because Google decided not to brand the device in any way except your not putting them on the real manufacturer of iron. If the previous Nexus was written that they were released Huawei, the Pixels of such signs.

Of course, We know that Pixel and Pixel XL released HTC, for Huawei, but this knowledge was apparently not enough.

The article ended.

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