Best 3D printers according to the community of 3D Hubs

The Hype around 3D printing is fading out but the printers have not disappeared. Regularly there are new models, whose owners share their reviews and drawings.

A Large online community of 3D Hubs, has published a list of the best 3D printers in 5 categories. List created based on 9 reviews of thousands of owners of more than 500 models of printers.

In terms of "Budget", Plug-N-Play "For advanced users", "workhorse" printers and industrial SLS (selective laser sintering) were 14 vehicles.

Winners in the budget category selected Original Prusa i3 MK2 (rating 9.2, $ 699), Rostock MAX (8.8, $ 799) and the Printrbot Simple Metal (8.5, $ 599).

The Best "For advanced users" were Ultimaker 2+ (rating 9.1, 2 $ 499), Form 2 SLA (a rating of 9, price 3 $ 499) and Zortrax M200 (8.9 rating, 165 000 rubles).

The Favorites in the category of "workhorse" users of 3D Hubs called the Makergear M2 (rating 9.2, 1 $ 825), LulzBot TAZ 6 (9.1, $ 2,500) and BCN3D Sigma (8.9, 2 795 dollars).

The Category of Plug-N-Play led the CraftBot PLUS (9.1, 1 140 dollars), the LulzBot Mini (9.1, $ 1,250), and CEL Robox (9.0, $ 999).

Industrial printers introduced the only camera – EOS P 396 for $ 250,000 with a rating of 8.2.

To create rating 3D Hubs account reviews on a number of parameters: the quality of printing and Assembly, reliability, ease of use, error rate, maintenance, price and. To compete for the title of best model with a 3D-printer needs to get at least 5 opinions.