How to solve the problem "This audio format (AC3) not supported"?

If you like to watch movies on devices with Android probably faced the problem when your favorite video player says: "This audio format (AC3) not supported". This happens with some types of files that use certain codecs. If earlier, for example, Mx Player easily opened all formats without problems, now the codecs must be installed separately. While we often hear that those codecs, which offers Mx Player for download from Google Play Store are not suitable.

Where to get the correct codecs? Proper - place where there is everything - XDA forum.

Download correct version of the codec (near your CPU) here -

Then just run Mx Player, go to settings and select "codec", which is scrollable to the bottom. There is a point of private choice of codec that we need.

Then just specify the path to the zip file of the codec that we earlier downloaded from the XDA forum.

Restart the program and enjoy.

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