Huawei P9 - smooth phablet from the Chinese company

Huawei has successfully sold over 9 million units of the smartphone P9. And the last 3 million sales were achieved in just two months. For the first time the company reported overcoming the 6-million milestone in September. Sales of the device began in April. Good numbers. Let's see what the smartphone has attracted the consumers.

We will not allow the multiple tests and the results of the run the device in the benchmarks. This information is so completely on the Internet. We will tell you about my impressions of using the gadget for about a month. Looking ahead – returning the machine back did not want to, although at first he seemed a little uncomfortable.

First, the company relied on a dual camera, bringing a new not quite familiar device on the market. In addition, there logo Leica, alluding to the fact that the picture quality from this device must be truly unique.

But the quality of the camera many times professionals spoke, zapolleoniv Internet photos with this device.

The Focus here is really reactive. This is especially noticeable when reading qr codes. The impression is even that the viewfinder does not have time to show you clearly the rendered code on the screen, but the smartphone already it has read and processed.


Second, controls the smartphone's own productive 8-core processor Huawei Kirin 955, running at a frequency of 2.5 GHz paired with a graphics accelerator Mali-T880. Additionally, there's 3 gigabytes of RAM. These characteristics well enough for everyday office use the device. That is, it copes with the software: post and Twitter clients, music player, maps and GPS, Google Keep, Pocket, Chrome, or surfing the net using other browsers, Telegram, Dropbox etc. it is Impossible to find fault and to multi-task: the newly downloaded application gets out of memory instantly. It should be noted that in such normal operation, the smartphone heats up only slightly, even with the active use of Wi-Fi or mobile data usage.

In addition, the machine easily coped with three-dimensional toys, take the Asphalt series from Gameloft. With a Bang, but here the heat was already palpable. Interesting was the fact that Hearthstone running on Huawei P9 is still slow, it seems that Blizzard can't give a normal optimized software, why the game podlagivaet on any device. But thanks to the big screen, play games in this card fun were comfortable enough gamers will appreciate.

The intense heat we've observed while using camera. Aim to make photos, perform a series of shots and the phone is no longer just warm, but hot. It seems that the heating – a problem of all modern powerful smartphones. To keep such a device is not very nice, but performance is not affected, at least not noticeable to the eye. And cools quickly, the metal dissipates heat.

Appearance and materials

The appearance of the original P9. The design thing is very subjective. But we always thought that this apparatus is very similar to the iPhone. However, it cannot be written in the cons. The front of the device, to me, is very attractive: a large black screen in almost the entire plane, neatly slotted speaker at the top and a company logo at the bottom.

The Back cover is made of metal, because his hand felt nice and eliminated the backlash and squeaks, looks nice and tidy, but still op, even after a few months, strangely perceived two pupil of the camera.

Under the black box for the cameras is located the fingerprint scanner. Interesting thing, Huawei is not the first smartphone with a fingerprint scanner, because here everything is in order. Works quickly, understands not even the sighting of depression. It is much more convenient than using a pin or gesture to unlock the device. In addition, some software separately able to work with a scanner that adds to the comfort in General.

With the right side volume rocker and ridged power button, like a trifle, but somehow I liked it. Tactile is much easier to distinguish the volume button of the power button in my pocket blindly.

In the gaps easily you can record not the best speaker arrangement. It forever closed, if you hold the smartphone in hand, while the volume level is very significantly reduced.

This also adds a frankly bad in my opinion the connector is 3.5 mm. From the lower end. In the end, when headphones are connected, the plug always comes to the hand and prevents to keep the phablet. If the smartphone with the headphones to fit in a pocket, when to procure, he will be upside down, the habit of looking for the fingerprint scanner, where it is not. You have to realize it and make another move, turning the gadget.

Also, a good weight, it feels like holding a toy not a phone, but really a gadget.


Screen from the P9 as much as 5.2-inch. Fans of the diagonals, of course, will appeal, but for me this moment was the main problem. However, must admit I was expecting worse. Using as the main camera of the Xiaomi Mi4, which looks a little more compact, having a screen of 4.7-inch, it was found that phablet from Huawei fits comfortably in the hand. It is more for length and height, but thinner, due to which it is not so scary as it was thought from the beginning. However, to manage a full-fledged smartphone with one hand is not impossible. To the top with your finger to stretch difficult, you can drop the device, therefore it is necessary or to connect the second arm or to intercept the gadget in the palm of your hand.

While Huawei no touch hardware buttons, P9 strictly adheres to the guidelines of Google, leaving this responsibility. Here only to touch virtual buttons Android. The screen from the P9 more display Mi4 in General, but if "cut" a strip of buttons, you will find a few millimeters smaller. And in General, if you look closely, the frame of the screen is quite large.

Separately I want to note that typing using Swype, this phone is still convenient. Faced, perhaps, with the situation that the phones input gesture Archidona thing, but on tablets is not working. Huawei P9 coped, print, no taps good.

Huawei P9, as with many devices today, in addition to the standard settings and Android apps, you can find many preinstalled programs, but most of them can be removed. You do not even need to root. By the way, installed the usual software, with the settings managed quite successfully to move by using the app Helium.

Very popular in recent times, the vendor uses the "control center" from Clean Master, which is revealed in the DUT. Not to say that it is a vital thing, with the advent of Android Marshmallow her need seems questionable. But someone can be useful, yet gives a little more control over the system. For example, you can control the download applications, resolution, output programs to the network, etc.

In P9 Huawei uses its proprietary shell EMUI. Nice thing, which is very similar to Xiaomi MIUI or Flyme from Meizu.

The battery life for such a fine giant good, I was missing one charging per day, but to hold out for two days P9 could not. Here the battery is 3000 mAh. It is necessary to be prepared and to stock up on wires USB Type-C, it uses this connector. However, the company offers different ways to reduce the energy consumption device. But I these things are taken with skepticism, using them only in critical situations when you cannot. But today a smartphone is not just a phone, and the device on which rests a huge number of tasks and therefore saving battery power by disabling various features that the user needs, we put into question the need for the acquisition of the smartphone.

Interesting point was that the intense discharge of the battery, Huawei P9 allows you to switch the screen resolution from 1920x1080 to 1280x720 pixels. As a temporary solution it will go. But picky user with good vision on the proposed diagonal notice the difference between FullHD and HD.

Continuing the theme of the screen, sometimes when quickly scrolling through, the impression was that the response time is sufficiently large, for example, a quick swipe and best personal Finance text seemed blurry. But, for example, in toys in dynamic scenes it is not noticeable.

Fared Well screen in the sun. Even on a bright summer day, the apparatus can easily be used by loosening the brightness to max, contrast generally enough.

Not very much not default firmware rigid set system language and region. For example, I love to see the English interface, but putting that apparatus is used in Russia to any of the date formats, money, and other relatives lived, true. In Huawei for some reason, this breakdown was not possible. In the end, if you want to see the formats of date and currency, had to use Russian localization.


Huawei P9 memorable. Yes, very nice camera. Special thanks I want to say for tactile sensation, it is really pleasant to the touch gadget. The use of two SIM cards were a nice bonus, although leading to traffic will be only one, the second works only in 2G mode, so be careful, for example, when used with SIM cards Tele2. Smoothly functioning system. And the result is that even despite the size and some things that I felt uncomfortable, Huawei P9 liked to give it not like the usual prior Mi4 seemed somehow not so.

The article ended.

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