412 million users of online Dating sites have suffered from hackers

Hackers stole the user database of the world's largest site adult Dating AdultFriendFinder.

The Attack, and other resources owned by the company. Leaked Source called the incident – the biggest break-2016.

According to the source, the reason he was forced ujazvimosti AdultFriendFinder (AFF). The website allowed you to upload executable files and to control it remotely. So, the hackers gained access to user databases AFF and sites, Cams, Penthouse, Stripshow, iCams, and other projects of the company. Just by hackers was stolen about 412 million accounts.

It is Noteworthy that a significant part of the user passwords were stored in open access, and the rest was encrypted using an insecure hashing that allowed us to decipher 99% of the passwords.

Among the most common passwords are often words of sexual themes ("pussy", "fuckme" and "fuckyou"), as well as the combination of "qwerty" and "123456". Last used nearly 1 million people.

According to Forbes, the hacking incident is the largest since the beginning of 2016. In scale, the event is comparable with the data hacking Yahoo in 2014 which hit 500 million users.