Not only Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy J5 also burn

Samsung manufactures and sells a huge number of devices. The model series of this company are very extensive. Great demand all over the world is the model of the smartphone Galaxy J5. And, unfortunately, last week came news that Samsung another incident - the fire smartphone. And this time, this failed miserably famous Galaxy Note 7, as mentioned above, Galaxy J5.

Problem occurred in France. First, the owner of the device drew attention to the fact that the device is unusually hot. Then from the smartphone the smoke went, because the woman reflexively released it from his hands. What happened with the device on, very similar to the symptoms familiar to us as times for Galaxy Note 7. As soon as the smartphone is dropped, it exploded, the back cover is flared flame.

Fortunately, the mobile was extinguished quickly, because he didn't manage to inflict a lot of damage.

The Hostess tells us that bought the ill-fated Galaxy J5 in June with some discount in the online store.

But it seems that this case is exceptional and accidental, because Galaxy J5 sold millions of copies around the world, this is not happening for the first month, and other similar complaints on this device has not been received.

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