Blizzard has no plans remastered WarCraft 1, 2

At a recent event Blizzard, some fans of the toy company was interested in scheduled for the future remastered the first or second part of WarCraft. But the answer was not very optimistic. Frank Pearce, who was present at Blizzcon, said that such plans of the company at the moment.

Blizzard, although it has access to the resources and source codes of the game, is not going to restart. The first and second WarCraft are not too popular and relevant today. To this conclusion employees of the company, checking and running the game in windowed mode on a modern PC a while ago.

Blizzard believes that the modern community of gamers with great pleasure will give the game clock, for example, World of Warcraft Overwatch or over which the company has been working hard. In addition, the company is preparing a lot of new content for Diablo III.

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