Social network LinkedIn will be blocked in Russia

The Tagansky court of Moscow upheld the decision to block LinkedIn social network in Russia.

On the basis of this decision, Roskomnadzor received the right to proceed to blocking of the site. The Department argued that the company collects and transmits data of Russian users without their consent.

At LinkedIn noted that for the processing of personal data outside the USA, says the LinkedIn Ireland, not the LinkedIn Corporation which acts as the Respondent under the claim of Roskomnadzor.

"Evidence that the American company LinkedIn Corporation extends is a defendant in the case and responsible for processing personal data of Russian users of the network, Roskomnadzor has not submitted. [...]

Our position is that there is no reason to extend the standards of the legislation of the Russian Federation the foreign legal entity that does not conduct in the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation of its activities", — stated in court, the lawyer of the company.

The Representative of Roskomnadzor has rejected the statement of lawyers on LinkedIn improper defendant in the case.

"We make a complaint to the registrant, which is LinkedIn Corporation. This company, according to information from its official website, is responsible for the information and services provided through facilities located in the US and owned by LinkedIn Corporation", — said the lawyer of the Ministry.

Roskomnadzor turned to block LinkedIn after reports about "leakage" of personal data.

As of 2015 on LinkedIn was registered 5 million users from Russia.