PhoneArena has determined the charging rate of the flagships

Experts PhoneArena has recently said, how many will live to flagship smartphones on a full charge the battery, but now they studied the speed with which they are charged.

The Testing was conducted using only complete charges. The leaders had escaped the smartphones with top-end Snapdragon processors that support Quick Charge 3.0. The basis of the third version of quick charging is the technology INOV, which regulates the voltage on request machine in the range of 3.6 – 20 V. Thanks to the battery not only charges quickly, but also decreases its heating in the charging process, which is beneficial to the service life. One of the favourites for the OnePlus 3 uses proprietary analog 3.0 Quick Charge - Dash Charge.

But the outsider was the iPhone 7 Plus, a battery which is charged over 197 minutes.


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