Droider Cast #42 — Titanocene with answers to questions

With the latest release of Droider Cast to the editorial office received many questions permanent leading tried with humor to answer.

According to tradition, once a week, Boris Vedeno, Valery Istishab and Ilya Ryabov going to burn some witches, and to expose a couple of plots, to discuss the latest Internet news, technology, movies and video games in an informal setting.

In this issue:

00:00:00 the Greeting;

00:03:20 Wonder Woman to guard women's rights;

00:17:30 Boris Vedenskiy unhappy with the new design, Uber;

00:21:00 Google is not able to call the services;

00:28:30 Titanfall 2 — a complete failure?;

00:42:04 Answers to audioproc;

00:56:04 Farewell.

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