Rumors: Huawei and Meizu will present its response frameless Mi MIX up to the end of the year

Not so long ago Xiaomi introduced flagship Mi MIX, the display which holds the record for 91.3% of the area of the front panel. Which, despite its drawbacks, primarily the fragility of the device, interested users and may become the progenitor of a new trend.

It is rumored Meizu, Huawei is also going to present their frameless smartphones, and even before the end of 2016, and Samsung in 2017.

In Chinese social network Weibo appeared renderings of the concept Meizu, a display which occupies the whole front surface, and a fingerprint scanner embedded in the glass. The veracity of the concept in some doubt, it looks too futuristic camera, and room for a front camera left. To find out whether the rumors are true, will be December 24.

In turn, Huawei will present its concept edge-to-edge smartphone before the end of the year, probably December 16. Analyst Pan Jiutang said that Huawei will introduce a powerful smartphone with a "stunning" design is curved on all four sides of the display. Moreover, it is expected that the device will be equipped with advanced sensors and artificial intelligence.


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