Huawei is preparing a competitor for Aquos Cristal and Mi Mix

In late October, Xiaomi porazila industry almost edge-to-edge tabletop Mi Mix. which will be sold in limited edition only in China.

According to the analyst pan Tsutani, initiative taken up by Huawei, which will present before the end of the year frameless smartphone.

The Source said that the Nanjing office of the company is working on a prototype for about two years. Screen Samsung takes the entire front side of the housing, whereas in the Mi Mix and Cristal Aquos from Sharp is present in the chin sensor and front camera.

Pan Sutan believes that the characteristics of the phablet will remind Mate 9, but the concept Huawei get advanced system of artificial intelligence.

The Analyst was echoed by an insider under the name Mokka. According to him, frameless phablet Huawei announces December 16 and will provide for a new sub-brand.