The announcement of the Galaxy S8 will be delayed for the sake of new "chips"

After Proval Galaxy Note 7, saying "seven times measure — cut once" is in danger of becoming for Samsung new philosophy.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the company will transfer the presentation of the Galaxy S8 to add new features and to check the overall quality of the flagship.

Typically, Samsung announces a top-end device in February-March at the MWC in Barcelona. But the newspaper's sources report the transfer of the premiere in April 2017. Additional time will be utilized to update Galaxy S8 to restore the reputation after the fiasco with the Galaxy Note 7.

In Addition to the increased quality control will be introduced in Samsung's flagship personal assistant and will replace the physical Home button with the fingerprint scanner on the optical sensor.

In the development of a virtual assistant will help the team Viva Labs, priobreteniya the IT giant in October 2016.

From the physical buttons below the screen will give up in favor of an optical sensor hidden under the glass. According to the source, the sensor will combine the functions of the keys "Home" and dactiloscopy.

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