Google tries a new look on the Play Store

Finally, Google once again is played with usability, offering us a new look branded store application Play Store. As for me, the last iteration was quite uncomfortable and impractical, although it is already used. Let's see what the search giant plans to change this time, for some Android users have reported that already see a new version of the design.

The Update cannot be called large, yet visible only minor changes. By the way, the current version of the design lasted for about a year.

Most of the changes found on the application page. Increased the "Install" button, now it is almost the full width of the screen. In addition, the rating and information about the number of units moved to the main screen of the application page. Now you do not need to scroll or tap.

Slightly changed the shades, they look a little darker. You can also see that Google designers are Experimenting with a slider, placing it immediately after the search string.

Once these changes are already available to some users, it seems that Google is going to distribute the new design to all fans of Android in the very near future.

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