Google Pixel sold out faster Nexus

One of the most successful Nexus smartphones that Google has managed to launch on the market was Nexus 6P. This gadget was very warmly welcomed and professional press, and critics, and ordinary consumers. Simultaneously, the company launched the smartphone Nexus 5X. In the same year, the search giant refused a beloved ruler, giving the new family of gadgets - Pixel.

Some speculate that Google decided to change the brand, releasing the Pixel, thus changing also the strategy to hit the iPhone and Galaxy many, to strengthen their own positions. The gadgets turned out to be not cheap than have always been attracted to the Nexus devices.

Despite the price, the demand for new Pixel Pixle XL and turned out great. People want these devices in possession. Already the first week sales showed that the fresh Pixel at odds better than the previous Nexus. The share of these devices in the first week of sales was 0.016% (Pixel) and 0.02% (Pixel XL). This is less time than it took Nexus 6P to achieve the same positions.

These numbers could even be higher if Google were able to cope with the demand not to delay the shipment because of lack of devices in warehouses. Many devices fall into the hands only at the end of November.

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