[Video] a Month of living with the iPhone 7 from Apple

Deciding not to do a traditional review of Apple technology, which abound in the media, Valery Istishab talks about personal experiences of life with the iPhone 7 for 4 weeks.

To further complicate the experiment, was chosen smartphone in the colors "onyx black", he is jet black, which is supposedly easy to scratch. Fresh video you can find out all the pros, cons and pitfalls of owning the latest flagship device kupertinovtsy.

As the saying goes, do not try – do not know. Although the report only lasts 7 minutes, the attentive viewer will find answers to many questions. For example:

  • How does the new Taptic Engine?
  • What happened to the camera?
  • Why the channel with the note "FA" ?
  • Is it Really hisses iPhone 7?
  • What headphones uses frontman Droider together with "seven"?

Recall that the editorial channel released a video about "11 chips flagship, the iPhone 7 from Apple" .